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Experienced Vermont Eviction & Landlord / Tenant Disputes Lawyers

Evicting a tenant in the State of Vermont can be costly and time consuming for the landlord. Rundle & Rundle, PLLC offers prompt service to landlords seeking to evict problem tenants. We recognize that time is money to landlords and we process evictions expeditiously, but thoroughly, to ensure compliance with all procedural requirements and to avoid pitfalls that could result in delays or legal liability for the landlord.

We offer reasonable flat fees for uncontested evictions based upon tenant defaults such as non-payment of rent or breach of the lease.

Vermont landlord/tenant law provides numerous protections to tenants, even when they donít pay the rent. At Rundle & Rundle, PLLC we utilize all legal remedies available to the landlord including obtaining an order requiring the tenant to pay rent into the court while the eviction process is pending. This ensures that a tenant will not be able to remain on the leased property without paying rent.

We can also assist you with lease creation or modifications. A properly drafted rental or lease agreement will outline the rights of both the landlord and the tenant, which can reduce or eliminate unnecessary litigation.

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