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In Vermont, the legal limit for blood alcohol is .08, which means that if you are found to be in control of a vehicle with a blood alcohol content over that amount, you can be charged with driving while intoxicated, better known as DWI (sometimes referred to as DUI). Even if you were not driving while drunk, under Vermont law you can be charged with a crime if you are impaired.

A DWI conviction can have serious repercussions including getting your license suspended, imposition of fines, give you a permanent criminal record and get you sent to jail or sentenced to probation. Many people arrested for driving while intoxicated feel as though they have already been found guilty of a crime.

You are not powerless, however, and we can help you develop a strategy based on the facts of your individual case. Every DWI case is unique and you deserve to have an attorney on your side who can evaluate the evidence and determine how best to attack the evidence. A DWI is a criminal charge and is treated very seriously in the State of Vermont.

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