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Experienced Vermont Contract Disputes Lawyers

A contract dispute can be very costly. When parties sign a contract, each expects the other party to live up to their obligations. Unfortunately, contractual breaches can arise for several reasons including disputes over the meaning of contractual terms, from unexpected circumstances that effect a party’s ability to perform or from a party simply refusing to live up to their obligations.

Whatever the case may be, contractual breaches can amount to substantial losses for the non-breaching party. A Vermont breach of contract attorney from Rundle & Rundle, PLLC will aggressively advocate on behalf of a wronged business or individual to receive restitution or compensation.

The attorneys at Rundle & Rundle, PLLC have years of experience handling complex contractual disputes including claims for:

  • Breach of commercial lease
  • Breach of loan agreement
  • Breach of buy-sell contract
  • Breach of employment contract
  • Breach of construction contract
  • Collection of business debts
  • Mortgage acceleration clauses
  • Covenants not to compete

Types of Legal Damages

Compensatory Damages - Compensatory damages provide the non-breaching party with a monetary amount necessary to replace what was lost. In other words, the monetary award represents the benefit the non-breaching party would have received had the contract not been breached. An example of compensatory damages would be lost profits.

Liquidated Damages - Some contracts contain liquidated damages provisions which includes a specific amount that can be awarded to the non-breaching party if the contract has been breached. Vermont contract law requires that liquidated damages provisions must reasonably reflect an estimate of likely damages.

Attorneys’ Fees and Costs - The fees and costs of litigation can be recoverable if the contact expressly provides for it.

Equitable Remedies

Specific Performance - In some cases a court will order specific performance in a breach of contract case. This requires the breaching party to fulfill its obligations under the contract. Specific performance is available where monetary damages are inadequate, for example, if the contract involves a unique item, such as the purchase of real property.

Rescission - Rescission is a remedy that cancels the contract. When rescission is granted, both sides are excused from further performance and any money paid is returned.

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The attorneys at Rundle & Rundle will aggressively advocate on behalf of a wronged business or individual to receive restitution or compensation.

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